Meet Kaja and Kuei, my two newest sims! :D

Kaja is the older sibling by two years, but you wouldnt know that by the way he acts. He’s rather¬†inappropriate, always playing pranks on people to get a few laughs. In the morning though, he’s the biggest grump in the Earth Kingdom colonies. He quite enjoys fluffy animals, but dont take that for weakness, this Firebender has a brave side in him!

The only thing that Kuei has in common with her older brother is her sense of humor. She doesnt share his ability to be selfless, instead she’d rather play up the theatrics and make sure the spotlight is always on her. Being an Earthbender, she’s naturally hard and hot headed, but usually takes her rage out while training and perfecting her body.¬†

I still dont know what I’m doing with these two. Maybe there will be more pictures tomorrow. >____>